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New Taipei City Travel

Quick Guide for Travelers
Quick Guide for Travelers
New Taipei City is the largest city in northern Taiwan.
It includes diverse destinations, from city, to mountain, to sea. Popular attractions such as Jiufen, Shifen, Tamsui, Yeliu, and more are all located in New Taipei City. All can be reached through the City’s extensive and convenient public transport systems. New Taipei City also boasts many well-known festivals and events, such as Pingxi’s Sky Lantern Festival, north-coast surfing and sand sculpture exhibitions, Christmasland in New Taipei City, New Taipei City’s hot spring festivals , and more! New Taipei City has lots of different fun things to see and do in every season.
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New Taipei City is one of Taiwan’s six special municipalities. In the summer, the temperature here is about 28–35°C; in winter, it’s about 5–20°C. In summer, we recommend light, breathable clothing. For winter, consider a jacket and sweater.

Facilities and Time Zone

Facilities and Time Zone

There are many iTaiwan Wi-Fi hotspots in New Taipei City’s public areas, giving you easy access to the Internet. The standard voltage is 110V. The time zone here is GMT+8.



The Airport MRT fare from Taoyuan International Airport to New Taipei City is about NT$160. An average meal might cost NT$100 to NT$200. Prices for a 3-star business hotel room are around NT$1,500 to NT$3,000 per night. We recommend using electronic receipts (invoices) to make transport and small payments easier. For a 3-day-2-night trip to New Taipei City, not including shopping, a basic budget might be NT$7,500 to NT$9,000.

Convenient Transport

How to get to New Taipei City

From Taoyuan International Airport, take the Airport MRT and then get off at New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3) or Taipei Main Station (A1). Those are both good stopping-off points for destinations around New Taipei City. You can also take bus or car to New Taipei City; this way takes about an hour by highway. If you’re starting from Kaohsiung or Taichung, try taking the HSR (High-Speed Rail) to Banqiao Station, which also makes a great starting point for your New Taipei City journey.

Taoyuan Airport MRT

Taoyuan Airport to New Taipei Industrial Park (A3) - Direct Bus takes 29 minutes, while the Regular Bus takes 42 minutes.

Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station (A1) - Direct Bus takes 35 minutes, while the Regular Bus takes 53 minutes.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Kaohsiung Zuoying Station to Banqiao Station - Direct Bus takes 1 hour and 26 minutes.

Taichung Station to Banqiao Station - Direct Bus takes 39 minutes.

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City Transportation

New Taipei City has a great public transit system, including seven lines of LRT (Light Rail Transit) and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) service. Combine that with a dense network of bus routes, and YouBike public bicycle sharing service (which you can use your credit card to pay for), and you can explore every major destination and tiny alley that New Taipei City has to offer. Transit services such as Taiwan Railways, the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Taiwan Tour Bus, etc. are also great options to connect you to popular attractions. Taxi fares start at about NT$85–100 per trip.

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Taipei FunPass

The Taipei FunPass is a package that includes both transit fares and entry tickets for popular tourist attractions. The Taipei FunPass offers you many great options for your travel plans. With a Taipei FunPass in hand, you can travel around New Taipei City, Taipei City, Keelung City, and Taoyuan City freely and conveniently.

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