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New Taipei City Travel

The purpose of travel

Let's go on a trip right now

The purpose of travel
Embark on a leisurely trip in New Taipei City
New Taipei City is blessed with natural attractions, such as forested mountains, ocean, valleys, riverbanks, and hot springs, which are easily accessible by MRT and tourist bus. With its vast territory, the City has old buildings from various eras, century-old streets, Japanese-style buildings and Minnan-style mansions and gardens that can date back to the Qing dynasty. Choose your destination now and embark on a relaxing and fun New Taipei City tour!
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DistrictWulaiPinglinXindianSanxiaYinggeShuangxiGongliaoPingxiShidingShenkengTuchengShulinZhongheYongheBanqiaoRuifangXizhiSanchongLuzhouXinzhuangWuguTaishanLinkouWanliJinshanBaliTamsuiSanzhiShimenTaipeiKeelung Sanzhi & Shimen Wulai Pinglin Xindian Sanxia Yingge Shuangxi & Gongliao Pingxi Shiding & Shenkeng Tucheng & Shulin Zhonghe & Yonghe Banqiao Ruifang Xizhi Sanchong & Luzhou Wugu & Linkou Taishan & Xinzhuang Wanli & Jinshan Bali & Tamsui

The purpose of travel

Visit the nostalgic Old Street,

enjoy the strange stones on the coast,

and explore the various districts’

attractions and delicacies!

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