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New Taipei City Travel

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Good transportation service, satisfies the needs of food, accommodation and shopping

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Banqiao has convenient transport and a flourishing commercial district. At center is Banqiao Station, a transport hub that combines TRA rail, high speed rail, intercity bus and MRT transport under 1st roof. It is surrounded by the department stores and multiplex facilities of the New Banqiao Special District. From here it is just a 10-minute walk to the Fuzhong commercial district with shops, stalls and markets. And convenient transport to Taipei City.

Travel Tips

  • Xinban Special District, centered on Banqiao Station, boasts many shopping malls that satisfy the needs for shopping and recreation.
  • Banqiao Station is accessible via Taiwan Railways, High Speed Rail and MRT.
  • The year-end Christmasland in New Taipei City features Taiwan's tallest LED light projection Christmas tree.
  • New Taipei City Government opened its viewing deck on the 32nd floor to the public for viewing the sight of Taipei 101.
  • Nanya Night Market, food paradise for people in Banqiao, contains many stores that provide delicious food.
  • Take a stroll or cycle at the Riverside Park near Jiangzicui Station,enjoy some leisure time in the City.
Good transportation service, satisfies the needs of food, accommodation and shopping- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Banqiao Nanya Tourist Night Market
    Banqiao Nanya Tourist Night Market
    Located near the old Banqiao Train Station is Nanya Night Market, which is also known as Banqiao Tourist Night Market. It includes a wide range of favorite dishes such as sesame oil chicken, oysters cuisine, stir-fried crab, ribs stewed in medicinal herbs, and braised congo eel.Among the favorites is Oyster House. For 40 years it has offered a wide variety of oyster dishes.
  • Ukuko Oyster Vermicelli
    Ukuko Oyster Vermicelli
    Ukuko's handmade vermicelli is tucked away in an alley, but the scent of its plump, tender oysters and gravy-covered chitterlings is enough to bring in food lovers. Diners who have extreme tastes can add chili sauce or balsamic vinegar.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Pineapple cake
    Pineapple cake
    An addictive pastry with sweet pineapple, butter and egg yolk filling, and crispy crust.
  • Changhsing Sweetened Bean Paste Cake
    Changhsing Sweetened Bean Paste Cake
    A section of Nanmen Street is known as "Cake Street" because it is home to a dozen or so confectioners. One of the best known specializes is sweetened bean paste cake with paper-thin layers of a soft, smooth crust and a dense sword bean filling.
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