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New Taipei City Travel

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Zhonghe / Yonghe

Characteristics of Taiwanese folk beliefs and temples

Zhonghe / Yonghe
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The easiest way to travel in these districts is to take the Taipei metro's Zhonghe Line, heading south from Guting Station. The first station you reach when leaving Taipei is Dingxi, which is within walking distance of the Korean street and the artistic community on Boai street. If you are tired, you can stop at the area's famed soybean milk restaurant for a serving of baked sesame bread and fried breadsticks. Continuing on the metro is Yongan Market Station. Nearby is the area's largest green space, the 823 Memorial Park, and halfway between the Dingxi and Yongan Market stations is the world's only museum dedicated to each of the major world religions. Also Lehua Night Market is close by, which can satiate both the eyes and the appetite. Jingan is the third station you reach after leaving Taipei and is where you disembark to see the famed four-faced Buddha. Continue on to the terminal station of Nanshijiao for the Burmese street. Also if you follow Xingnan Road toward the mountains you can climb to the large God of the Earth statue in the Hunglodei area, an excellent place to view Greater Taipei. On your way back you can stop by Xingnan Night Market and save energy by riding one of the district's community shuttle buses.

Travel Tips

  • MRT Zhonghe Line's stations are full of excitement.
  • The largest Taiwan's Earth God in Zhonghe's Hongludi. Don’t miss the beautiful night scene of New Taipei City after visiting the temple.
  • Yonghe Lehua, Zhonghe Xingnan Night Markets.
  • Indulge yourself in exotic cuisines at Nanyang Food Street.
  • Don't miss the exciting Zhonghe's Water Festival in April.
Characteristics of Taiwanese folk beliefs and temples- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Zhonghe/Xingnan Night Market
    Zhonghe/Xingnan Night Market
    This tourism night market near the metro's Nanshihjiao Station, contains delicious rich LuWei (Taiwanese Stew) and Dongshan duck's head,refreshing tofu pudding and pearl milk tea.
  • Yonghe/World Soybean Milk Magnate
    Yonghe/World Soybean Milk Magnate
    When one speaks of the excellent food found in Yonghe, the first restaurant that usually comes to mind is this breakfast shop. Open for business since 1955, it serves more than 30 kinds of dishes, including thick soybean milk, baked sesame seed bread, fried bread sticks, radish cakes, Taiwanese crepe with eggs, and Hong Kong style dim sum. The restaurant is open 24 hours and is packed day and night.
    (Photos provided by 世界豆漿大王)
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Yonghe/Wang's Bakery
    Yonghe/Wang's Bakery
    Wang's Bakery puts a twist on traditional egg yolk pastries. It surrounds carefully prepared egg yolks with top-quality green bean paste, wrapping it in a crispy crust to complement the soft stuffings. This mouthwatering snack is sweet in the middle but has a salty flavor, a combination good enough that people line up just to get a taste.
    (Photos provided by 王師傅餅鋪)
  • Zhonghe/Golden Chin Chyau Flaky Pastries
    Zhonghe/Golden Chin Chyau Flaky Pastries
    The pastries at Golden Chin Chyau feature a savory layered crust with carefully selected fillings, including sweetened bean paste, handmade Japanese-style mochi, macadamia nuts, and panna cotta. The sweet flavor and smooth, mellow taste have allowed these treats to win multiple awards.
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Themed Itineraries

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