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New Taipei City Travel

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Sanchong / Luzhou

Explore the stories in the neighborhood and experience the daily life of the locals

Sanchong / Luzhou
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Pedaling with the wind at your face shows how carefree cycling through Sanchong's riverside park can be. Flowers lining the expansive fields sway in the breeze as birds flap their wings in a welcoming gesture. Sailboats ply the river way, an almost exotic scene. Alight a tour boat to admire the mountain scenery beyond the riverbanks, and wait until dusk for the setting sun to cast a golden light onto the water. Another option involves taking the metro to nearby Luzhou. One of the best dishes to try is the famed qiezai noodles.

Travel Tips

  • Cycle in New Taipei Metropolitan Park and enjoy the riverside scenery.
  • Xianse Temple, a city-designated historic site, has a history of nearly three hundred years.
  • Embark on a fan pilgrimage in memory of Teresa Teng.
  • Luzhou Temple Commercial District's herbal pork ribs, a popular delicacy.
  • The most delicious soup noodles in Taiwan is over here-Luzhou Old Street.
Explore the stories in the neighborhood and experience the daily life of the locals- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Sanchong/Braised Ginger Duck
    Sanchong/Braised Ginger Duck
    The main location of this braised ginger duck chain is located on Chongyang Rd. Section 1. A secret recipe including Chinese medicines is used to carefully prepare a savory soup base, and fermented bean curd with chili soy sauce is used as a dip.
  • Luzhou/Qiezai Noodles
    Luzhou/Qiezai Noodles
    Tianding Qiezai Noodles is among the best known of the noodle shops that line Desheng Street, Many people come to Luzhou to try these filling, chewy noodles served with bean sprouts, Chinese chive and tasteful broth.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Luzhou/Long Fong Tarng Bakery
    Luzhou/Long Fong Tarng Bakery
    Since 1957 the Long Fong Tarng Bakery has made traditional cakes and buns, such as red turtle cakes and wedding cookies. It has won the champion of New Taipei City Yolk Pastry Festival several times in recent years and is a tradiional pastry shop beloved by local people.
    (Photos provided by 龍鳳堂餅店)
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Themed Itineraries

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