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Xinzhuang / Taishan

Historical culture and craft

Xinzhuang / Taishan
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With the opening of MRT Xinzhuang Line, visitors are now able to take the MRT and transfer to a bus to visit Xinzhuang and Taishan, and experience the local traditional culture and delicacies. Xinzhuang Temple Street is lined with ancient temples, and old shops; it also offers snacks and traditional Taiwanese delicacies. Visitors can go to Taishan Public Market for some dumplings or visit Taishan Doll Museum.

Travel Tips

  • Visit "Xinzhuang Temple Street," a street of century-old monuments, and experience the traditional ancient tastes.
  • Excitement at the Xinzhuang International Drum-Art Festival and Taishan Lion Dance Festival.
  • Visit the hometown of barbie dolls, Taishan Doll Museum.
  • Not to be missed Taishan Public Market, a place filled with local delicacies.
Historical culture and craft- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Taishan/Wu Mama Handmade Dumplings
    Taishan/Wu Mama Handmade Dumplings
    When you visit Taishan you can find many inexpensive snacks. One well- known stand that serves fresh dumplings fitting this description is located on the second floor of the Taishan Public Market. The dumplings are highly praised.The filling is fresh and juicy. The flavors and aroma of the cabbage and chives make the dumplings taste great even without dipping some soy sauce.
    (Photos provided by 新北市政府市場處)
  • Xinzhuang/Mushroom Pork Thick Soup
    Xinzhuang/Mushroom Pork Thick Soup
    Another favorite snack in the Xinzhuang area is mushroom pork thick soup. Pork thigh covered in sweet potato powder,cooked in a manner that locks in the pork's distinct sweet flavor,soup base include mushrooms, coriander, and cornstarch as a thickener,this hearty dish is a local favorite because it warms the gut and satisfies the appetite.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Xinzhuang/Laoshunxiang bakery
    Xinzhuang/Laoshunxiang bakery
    Xinzhuang also has a confectionery with more than a century of history behind it. It specializes in hsiankuang biscuits that are made from only rice and sugar, without any preservatives. Originally these biscuits were used for praying but now many people choose to eat them as a snack during tea time. The Laoshunxiang bakery also sells pineapple cakes, birthday cakes, mooncakes, and green bean cakes. Even more amazing is that Laoshunxiang's adherence to traditional baking techniques means that these desserts still taste the same after more than a hundred years.
  • Xinzhuang/Ah Rui-quan Confectionery
    Xinzhuang/Ah Rui-quan Confectionery
    On Xinzhuang Rd. is a well-known confectionery named Ah Rui-guan. It sells popular taro cakes that are filled with heaping chunks of taro and pork along with taro strands. The crust is carefully crafted using glutinous rice flour and green onion,are one of the best-known snacks available in Xinzhuang.
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