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Shulin / Tucheng

Enjoy the flowers of tung trees in May and try the local red yeast

Shulin / Tucheng
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As the train pulls into Shulin Railway Station, the air is filled with the sweet aroma of red yeast.  When you visit Tucheng in May, you'll see the flowers of Vernicia fordii falling in the wind. A poetic scene is created when the entire mountain is covered with the white flowers of tung trees.

Travel Tips

  • Tucheng has various kinds of tourism factories, suitable for parents to have an outing with young children; adults and children alike will enjoy the creative and fun DIY activities.
  • At Shulin Red Yeast Cultural Festival, learn the culture from tasting the delicacies.
  • Visit the nostalgic Shanjia Railway Station, the Railway Geo Landscape Park, the historic site of Gaidankeng Coal Mine located behind the station, and the Couples Tree.
  • Visit Tucheng in May for the flowers of Vernicia fordii. The blossom park along Tienshangshan trail, and Taijiling Trail inside Lengshuikeng Leisure Park are secret flower viewing spots for the locals.
Enjoy the flowers of tung trees in May and try the local red yeast- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Tucheng/Goose
    For more than 20 years A-Cheng Goose has been selling unique dishes made with goose stock soup or stir-fried with goose oil. The signature goose breast is juicy and springy while the braised goose liver has a fine texture that customers love.
    (Photos provided by 阿城鵝肉)
  • Tucheng/Rice with Turkey
    Tucheng/Rice with Turkey
    The restaurant cuts the meat into larger chunks to make it more firm and chewy. Homemade sauce is added for an authentic southern taste.
    (Photos provided by 小步同學的吃吃喝喝札記)
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Tucheng/Wuren Pastry
    Tucheng/Wuren Pastry
    The Huang Yuan Shing Baker has been making its signature Wuren pastries for 40 years. These rich, buttery snacks contain many ingredients, including sugared winter melon, salty egg yolk, lard, raisins, tangerine cake, and walnuts, for a taste that is not too sweet.
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