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Experience the traditional dyeing technique and the cultural and creative charm

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Sanxia is a district located on the southwest side of the Taipei Basin. On three of its sides are mountains while the fourthfaces the Dahan river valley. Its special topography naturally led to an unique living environment.

Travel Tips

  • Sanxia Old Street has popular snacks, such as the Golden Croissants and handmade bean curd.
  • Sanxia History Museum, also known as Taiwan's most beautiful office building.
  • Visit featured tourism factories such as Sanxia Dyeing Workshop and Tea Soap Tourism Factory during the holidays to experience Sanxia's craft culture.
  • On the 6th day of the first lunar month, visit Sanxia for Qingshui Zushi Ritual.
Experience the traditional dyeing technique and the cultural and creative charm- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Rice Dumplings
    Rice Dumplings
    There are many stores in the traditional market near Sanxia Old Street that sell sticky rice dumplings, most of which are northern Taiwan style. Although they contain less ingredients than dumplings that hail from the south, each ingredient was carefully selected. Don’t forget to take away a few dumplings, either share with friends and family or savor themselves at home.
    (Photos provided by 佳宜肉粽)
  • Golden Croissants
    Golden Croissants
    On a trip to Sanxia, golden-horn buns(croissants) are the must buy. Some stores are flaunted as having an original, traditional taste, while others are known as having a new, innovative flavor. The wide array of choices provide many different options to tourists. Make sure to pickup a few boxes of golden-horn buns and bring home to enjoy it! Or to give to family and friends. Let it be your best memories of Sanxia Old Street.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Preserved Tofu and Pickled Vegetables
    Preserved Tofu and Pickled Vegetables
    Traditional preserved tofu, skinned chilies, and pickled vegetables are speciality shops on Sanxia Old Street. Each shop has its own secret, special recipe which uses to produces profound tastes. When you visit Sanxia Old Street, besides picking up a few golden-horn buns, do not forget to grab several jars of preserved tofu and pickled vegetables!
    (Photo provide by 徐媽媽醬菜茶)
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