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New Taipei City Travel

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Experience the tribal culture, hot spring and mountain forest

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When spring arrives and temperature rises,Wulai which is in the mountainous region of New Taipei City, still remains cool weather. This is the time of cherry blossom. With splashes of red in the trees and a chill hanging in the air, tourists can take a dip in a hotspring, enjoy the beauty in nature's contrasts, surrounding by the warmth and the cool.

Travel Tips

  • Wulai is a place full of fun in different season, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in Spring, firefly viewing in summer, and hot spring in autumn and winter.
  • New Taipei City's cherry blossom viewing spot.
  • Wulai hot spring won first price of the Best Natural Landscape Award of Taiwan's hot spring Oscar award.
  • Enjoy the natural landscape of Yun Hsien Resort, the only park accessible by cable car in Taiwan.
  • Visit the tribal village for an in-depth tour and experience Atayal lifestyle.
Experience the tribal culture, hot spring and mountain forest- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Pork Sausages
    Pork Sausages
    If you want to find the best-known pork sausages, do not forget those at Wulai! Its pork sausages are lighter in taste and less greasy than regular Taiwanese sausages, and the meat is firmer, leaner and more chewy. Some also provide specially made house sauces, providing diners with even more options.
    (Photos provided by Yusuke Kawasaki Flickr)
  • Trout Dishes
    Trout Dishes
    Besides clean water, there are three important elements to raising trout: there must be a high volume of water, high content of oxygen in water,and the low water temperature. In Wulai, the mountain creeks and rivers happen to meet all these requirements. Each is delicious in its own way and well worth a try.
    (Photos provide by 加納富漁場)
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Iced Hot Spring Boiled Egg
    Iced Hot Spring Boiled Egg
    Boiled the egg with hot spring water and cooling them before chilling . This process makes the eggs filled with a perfectly golden yolk ,visitors loves to long for iced hot spring boiled egg.
    (Photos provided by 洪記溫泉蛋)
  • Atayal Maqaw
    Atayal Maqaw
    When you visit the Wulai Atayal tribe, in addition totasting mountain pepper specialty dishes, don’t forget to choose some special souvenirs, such as mountain pepper-spiced sausages and spicy mountain pepper peanuts.
    (Photos provided by 范范愛分享-wantingfan IG)
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