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New Taipei City Travel

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Shenkeng / Shiding

Old Streets with century-old history and delicacies!

Shenkeng / Shiding
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The design of Taiwan's Fujian three compound buildings shows and delicious tofu dishes is a must try in Shenkeng; beautiful view of tea garden terraces reveal the peaceful view in Shiding

Travel Tips

  • Shenkeng Old Street has various types of delicious tofu ice-cream and tofu cuisine.
  • Shenkeng Old Street contains the ancient houses from the Qing dynasty and the Japanese Colonial Period, which witnessed the glory of the old-time in Shenkeng.
  • The unique of "stilt houses" phenomenon in Shiding old streets became a famous attraction for tourist.
  • Century-old blacksmith shop in Shenkeng still uses traditional manual techniques to cast and make various types of chopping knives and farm tools.
  • Shiding Mountain with beautiful terraced tea garden, grow the rich aroma Oriental Beauty Tea.
Old Streets with century-old history and delicacies!- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Shiding/Tofu Desserts
    Shiding/Tofu Desserts
    Ice cream and cake made by tofu are the desserts that you cannot miss in Shiding!
  • Shenkeng/tofu dishes
    Shenkeng/tofu dishes
    The tofu is made with the water in the which contains a natural sweet taste, and braised using charcoal. It can be pan-fried, stewed or deep fried.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Shiding/Zhuboyuan Malt Extract
    Shiding/Zhuboyuan Malt Extract
    In order to preserve wheat’s abundant nutrition at best, local farmers plant it in a cold, dark room. The wheat, with golden color, produced with glutinous rice and mineral water, dried by the fire from traditional firewood, eventually has become “malt extract”. Many people are attracted by it’s tasty, and it also the best choice for souvenir.
    (Photos provided by 竹柏苑麥芽膏)
  • Shiding/Hsu's Handmade Vermicelli
    Shiding/Hsu's Handmade Vermicelli
    Using the ancient method makes the noodle unique, smooth texture that are highly chewy. Besides they also developed healthy green tea and red yeast varieties. This unique traditional flavors were awarded The Best Souvenirs of 2012 and 2014 in New Taipei City.
    (Photos provided by 許家麵線)
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