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New Taipei City Travel

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Take a walk in the mountain town and savor the aromatic tea and featured delicacies

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Many of the locals rely their living on tea, which becomes clear when you step into Pinglin Old Street. As the number of tourists grew by the year, tea houses began serving food, relying on the creativity signature dishes and professional chefs integrating tea into many the dishes. Soon tea became the extra ingredient that turned local dishes into local specialties, attracting even more tourists to the area.

Travel Tips

  • Experience a stargazing and a night by camping in the forest of Pinglin.
  • Delicious tea-infused cuisine, come to the tea town and satisfy your taste buds.
  • Savor a nice cup of tea in Pinglin and take part in the exciting New Taipei City Tea Festival.
  • Pinglin Tea Museum and Pinglin District Farmers’ Association provide a variety of Pinglin tea experience activities.
  • Enjoy a low-carbon ride along “Daiyujue River Cycling Path”.
Take a walk in the mountain town and savor the aromatic tea and featured delicacies- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Egg Fried Rice with Tea Leaf
    Egg Fried Rice with Tea Leaf
    Imagine the aroma that is released when the tea leaves are stir-fried. With rice and scrambled egg, imagine these three mainflavors mingling in your mouth, taste the small pieces of tealeaves hidden in the rice that gives a profound taste.
    (Photos provided by ilovesealion IG)
  • Vermicelli with Tea Oil
    Vermicelli with Tea Oil
    Some of the local tea leaves are made into tea oil, vermicelli with tea oil is one of the unique noodle dish and famous food in Pinglin.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Pinglin Pouchong Tea
    Pinglin Pouchong Tea
    Pouchong is often considered as the general calling for semi-fermented tea, but the Poucheng produced in Pinglin is fermented less than usual, the color is more darker and it is also considered as one of Taiwan's greatest tea.
  • Tea Leaf Egg Rolls
    Tea Leaf Egg Rolls
    You can taste the refreshing of tea when you try the egg rolls. They are now the second top food souvenir in this area.
    (Photo provided by 茶鄉園)
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