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Take the trail to see the waterfall, and enjoy the snacks on Old Street

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Come experience the railway in Pingxi! The 12.9-kilometer line starts from Sandiaoling Station and ends at Jingtong. Lingjiao Station has a quaint arc-shaped platform, and the wooden Jingtong Station makes passengers feel as if they returned to the Japanese colonial period. The nostalgic mood continues on the old street, where there is more Japanese architecture and traditional snacks. Before leaving, you can write your wishes on a sky lantern, and let the blessings fly to the sky.

Travel Tips

  • Purchase a Day Pass for Pingxi Line train ticket and visit the three main old streets.
  • Shidi Bridge in Pingxi Old Street is a shooting location of the movie, "You Are the Apple of My Eye," a favorite photo spot for many visitors.
  • Shifen Old Street is one of the most characteristic old streets along Pingxi Line, with the amazing phenomenon of the "train passing by the front of your house".
  • Take a photo at the pavilion in front of "Shifen Waterfall," the largest cascade-type waterfall in Taiwan, enjoy the cool, refreshing mist.
  • Don't miss the dazzling light show at Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Hall near the entrance of Jingtong Old Street.
Take the trail to see the waterfall, and enjoy the snacks on Old Street- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Mountain Stream Tofu Pudding
    Mountain Stream Tofu Pudding
    This tofu pudding is handmade by using mountain stream water, giving it a rich soy bean aroma.Topped with soft peanuts and brown sugar syrup, o leave customers a deeply satisfied on the hot summer day.
  • Honggui Noodle Shop
    Honggui Noodle Shop
    This shop has relied on serving popular noodle dishes for 50 years, it serves food such as Taiwanese soup noodles, thick rice noodles and Hakka flat noodles. Topped off with green onion, each has a simple, traditional flavor. They also display the traditional red turtle cake molds in the shop.
    (Photos provided by IG@gigisu0416)
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Chou Wan-Jhen Bakery
    Chou Wan-Jhen Bakery
    Since its founding in 1946, this bakery has famous for making pastries by hand. The flaky bread pastry stuffed with a bean paste and curry filling is one of the famous food of the shop.
    (Photos provide by 周萬珍餅店)
  • Traditional Bakeries (古早味餅店)
    Traditional Bakeries (古早味餅店)
    Whenever the pastries are fresh out of the oven, the old street will be immersed in the strong aroma. With more tourists visiting Pingxi, the products of these traditional bakeries have become the No. 1 souvenirs of Pingxi Old Street.
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