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Classic Jiufen Old Street has revived the past glory of the mining railway

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Before deposits of gold and coal dried out, the mountainous district of Ruifang was an important mining town. Today instead of miners, the streets are filled with prowling cats. The famous Jiufen Old Street is full of tea houses and snack bars for children.Ruifang is filled with natural treasures, history and culture.

Travel Tips

  • Visitors can take a train from Ruifang Railway Station towards Houtong. Experience the nostalgic railway and learn about the history of coal mining.
  • Come Jiufen Old Street to experience the charm of mountain town, visit Golden Museum to learn about mining culture.
  • Those who drive can take the coastal highway to enjoy the spectacular northeast coast of Taiwan.
  • Feast on seafood at Shenao Fishing Port, and experience Shenao rail bike.
  • Visit Ruishuang Road and explore the beauty of Buyan Pavilion and Shumeiping.
Classic Jiufen Old Street has revived the past glory of the mining railway- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Miners Lunch Box
    Miners Lunch Box
    Nostalgic feelings when holding a tin made lunch box wrapped by Jinguashi fabric map. It has a traditional design and creativity. The pork ribs and dried tofu are super nice.
    (Photos provided by mydior36 IG)
  • Ruifang Food Court
    Ruifang Food Court
    The food court in front of the station accommodates 37 unique stalls, such as Linji Fuzhou Pepper Cakes and Black Tea Booth etc.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Mugwort Rice Cake
    Mugwort Rice Cake
    Mugwort Rice Cake is mixed with squirrel grass and has a dark green appearance. The filling of radish shreds have a salty and sweet taste. It is a souvenir that Ruifang must not miss.
  • Houtong Cat-Shaped Pineapple Cake
    Houtong Cat-Shaped Pineapple Cake
    Houtong Station has recently begun promoting "cat tours" . Souvenirs related to "cats" have become popular products, including cat-shaped pineapple cakes, which are exquisite and lovely in appearance and full of aroma.
    (Photos provided by 艾妮洗點烘焙)
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Themed Itineraries

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