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Gongliao / Shuangxi

Enjoy the beach and ancient mountain trail

Gongliao / Shuangxi
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Have fun and enjoy yourself at Gongliao, riding a sailboat or surf through the waves. Cycling along the coastal highway liberates the soul, the ron shop, traditional cake shop atmosphere create a cozy feelings.

Travel Tips

  • The centennial Tamsui-Kavalan Trail is one of the few long-distance trails in Taiwan, full of ecology, culture and history.
  • Those who drive from Shuangxi ,using Jifu Highway to Gongliao can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Rent a bike beside Fulong Railway Station and embark on a cycling trip on the Old Caoling Belt Bikeway.
  • Fulong Beach offers water activities, such as canoeing and surfing, and is also the venue for Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival and Hohaiyan Rock Festival.
  • Sandiaojiao Lighthouse, a favorite check-in and photo spot, is situated in the northernmost cape of Taiwan.
Enjoy the beach and ancient mountain trail- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Gongliao/ Taiwan Gelidium Jelly
    Gongliao/ Taiwan Gelidium Jelly
    Taiwan gelidium jelly is made from boiling gelidium. When summer arrives, there are shops all around Gongliao selling gelidium jelly in honey, lemon and plum drinks. There are also specialty flavors such as red bean milk. The chilled beverage with the chewy toppings wipes away the heat of summer.
  • Gongliao-Abalone
    Abalone and ormers are grownin the local intertidal zone of Gongliao District. Ormers have a solid and crispy texture while the abalone tastes soft, tender, and sweet, making them a must-try seafood delicacy for tourists who visit Gongliao District.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Shuangxi/ Haishan Confectionery
    Shuangxi/ Haishan Confectionery
    A cake shop which founded nearly 50 years old, in addition to traditional cakes, black rice, comprehensive and original taste, rice and curry flavors are also very popular.
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Themed Itineraries

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