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Bustling autumn street carnival, hiking and beautiful waterfall

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One of the best ways to travel in Xizhi is by public transit. If you get off at Xizhi Station, you can go to the Dajian Mountain Scenic Area, follow Xiwan Road to visit Xin Mountain and Dream Lake, or you can follow Kangning Street to Huqian Street to get to the entrance of the trail that goes around Jinlong Lake. Mean while if you get off at Wudu Station, you can hike the Shitou Mountain trail, which used to be a strategic military area. Each of these sites shows how the beauty of Xizhi lasts throughout the year.

Travel Tips

  • Starlight Bridge is the first landscape bridge that spans Keelung River. The dazzling light projection mapping show transforms the place to the Star Avenue.
  • Xizhi is full of excitement throughout the year, with cherry blossoms in early spring, sparkling fireflies in summer, red maple in late autumn and fog in winter.
  • Dajian Mountain, Xin Mountain, Lion's Head Mountain, etc. hiking trails here are super popular.
  • Mountaineering and hiking in Dajian Mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful scene along the way and overlooking the beauty of Taipei 101, is a route that suitable for families and kids.
  • The exciting annual street carnival is held in October.
Bustling autumn street carnival, hiking and beautiful waterfall- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Master Kao Handmade Meat Buns
    Master Kao Handmade Meat Buns
    On the way to Xin Mountain Dream Lake there is a restaurant that serves meat buns. These hearty buns filled with pork seasoned and Sanxing green onions from Yilan the handmade dough is super chewy.
    (Photos provided by 高師傅手工肉包店)
  • Rice Vermicelli Soup
    Rice Vermicelli Soup
    Jinlong Market Vermicelli has been making mouthwatering noodles for more than 20 years. Another branch that located beside the Xizhi Police Station enhances its soups by adding fried onions and a bit of homemade hot sauce, making a dish that is truly addicting.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Xizhi Red Turtle Store
    Xizhi Red Turtle Store
    Founded in 1897, Xizhi Red Turtle is a snacks that steamed by pure round glutinous rice. They come in many flavors, including red bean, peanut, savory green bean, preserved radish, and the signature flavor is the soy stewed meat flavor.
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