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Jinshan / Wanli

Enjoy the coastal view and the solemn world of Buddhism

Jinshan / Wanli
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Wanli is in a breathtaking location, three sides surrounded by mountains and one by the sea. The rock formations of Yehliu, the Queen's Head and Fairy's Shoe are super unique and impressed. You can also enjoy the water activities at Feicui Bay or try the paragliding. The delicious seafood at Guihou Harbor also a must to try!

Travel Tips

  • Try the tender sweet duck at Jinshan Old Street.
  • Visit the Dharma Drum Mountain and Juming Museum, have an art and cultural tour.
  • Zhongjiao Bay is a surfing paradise in northern Taiwan, suitable for visitors who like outdoor activities.
  • Visit Yehliu Geo-park for the nature unique rocks and beautiful scenery.
  • "Wanli Crab Festival" in October is a grand event for seafood lovers.
Enjoy the coastal view and the solemn world of Buddhism- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Wanli/Crab
    Wanli produces 80 percent of the catch eaten crabs in Taiwan, with flower crab, three-spotted crab and stone crab as the three main varieties. Every autumn, the restaurants at Wanli's Guihou Harbor are filled with customers from all around the world, to come taste the meaty delicious crabs, enjoy the Wanli Crab Festival in every October.
    (Photos provided by 新北市政府漁業及漁港事業管理處)
  • Jinshan/Water Bamboo Shoot
    Jinshan/Water Bamboo Shoot
    Water bamboo shoot has a high fiber and water content and is low in calories. It tastes great and the harvest time is during October and November. The sweet and juicy bamboo shoots are in white and also tender.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Wanli/Yannick
    Yannick handmade desserts contains a variety of dessert for afternoon tea, have a try on the cheesecake, you will immediately filled by its rich flavor and exquisite texture of the cheese cake.
    (Photos provided by 亞尼克)
  • Jinshan/Red Sweet Potato
    Jinshan/Red Sweet Potato
    The red sweet potatoes considered one of the treasures in Jinshan. It can be steamed, cooked, roasted, fried or turned into desserts and snacks. Definitely a great choose of souvenir in Jinshan.
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Themed Itineraries

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