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Sanzhi / Shimen

During the summer, enjoy the green reef and terrace fields; in autumn, feast on seafood and enjoy a nice cup of tea

Sanzhi / Shimen
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Shimen Kites Flying Festival, the Wedding Plaza, green carpeted reefs of Laomei are attractions which must come in Shimen.Enjoying the scent of cherry blossoms in March, and enjoy the crabs festival in fall.

Travel Tips

  • Kite players from all over the world gather at "Taiwan International Kite Festival" to perform a series of stunts at the north coast of Taiwan.
  • The phenomenal green reef is located in Laomei Village of Shimen District in the north coast, and the best time for viewing is in April and May.
  • Fugui Cape Lighthouse is located in the northern of Taiwan, a landmark for taking pictures of the setting sun aligned with the streets.
  • Zhibo Artists' Village in Sanzhi is a place where amateur artists reside, and "Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum" is another must-visit attraction for glove puppetry fans.
  • Visit the featured cafes in Sanzhi Qianshui Bay, enjoy the romantic ambience of the Mediterranean.
During the summer, enjoy the green reef and terrace fields; in autumn, feast on seafood and enjoy a nice cup of tea- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Shimen/Rice Dumplings
    Shimen/Rice Dumplings
    Stir-fry glutinous rice with shallots, soy sauce, salt and pepper, wrap the roasted fillings such as pork, dried radish, mushrooms and peanuts inside the glutinous rice. If you are rice dumplings lover, you sure don’t want to miss Shimen Rice Dumplins!
    (Photo provided by 十八王公-劉家肉粽)
  • Sanzhi, Shimen/Gelidium Algae
    Sanzhi, Shimen/Gelidium Algae
    The Gelidium is a peculiar algae plant on the coast of Taiwan, it taste similar like Aiyu jelly, smooth and refreshing. Combined with honey, lemon or fruit, the best cool flavor for the summer.
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Shimen/Shimen Tea
    Shimen/Shimen Tea
    Shimen Tie Guanyin and Alibang Black Tea are the two famous teas of the region. As the plantation is situated on the slope to the back of the mountain of the north coast plateau, it is not affected by the cold, salty and wet sea breeze. In addition, the pure spring water gives Shimen Tea a unique flavor.
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Themed Itineraries

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