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New Taipei City Travel

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Wugu / Linkou

Explore the green wetland and venture into the forest to find the traces of flying eagles

Wugu / Linkou
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You will be experiencing the multiple travel in Wugu and Linkou, viewing the fiddler crabs and aquatic birds rest in the marshlands, watching the eagle in the sky, visiting the Buddhist temples and have fun at the sports park. While enjoying beauty of the natural, also don't forget to experience the art of cultural and creative design in this place.

Travel Tips

  • New Taipei Metropolitan Park (Wugu Ecological Park) has a 20 km circular bikeway that offers separate paths for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Make a reservations to the tourism factories for some fun with the entire family.
  • Visit W&W Museum of Jewelry for metal accessory DIY activities, experience the fun of making your very own personal jewelry.
  • Zhulinshan Guanyin Temple is a place for a relaxing trip, filled with blooming cherry and rhododendrons in spring.
Explore the green wetland and venture into the forest to find the traces of flying eagles- MAP
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Must-Visit Attractions

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Local Delicacies

  • Wugu, Linkou/Green Bamboo Shoot
    Wugu, Linkou/Green Bamboo Shoot
    Guanyin Mountain (Guanyinshan) is rich in green bamboo shoots, which is rich in fiber and tastes tender, sweet and refreshing. The taste of the freshly harvested bamboo shoots taste as sweet as the water pear.
    (Photos provided by 旗竿湖農場)
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Recommended Souvenirs

  • Linkou/Su Ming Hsing Pastry Shop
    Linkou/Su Ming Hsing Pastry Shop
    This bakery shop has been using the traditional techniques to make engagement biscuits, moon cakes, egg yolk pastries, pineapple cakes and pineapple biscuits since 1961.You can taste the excellent ingredients that went into these snacks and also the rich flavors of traditional Taiwanese desserts.
    (Photos provided by 蘇明興糕餅號)
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