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Ah Lan Herbal Glutinous Rice Cake

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Updates : 2020-07-25
TEL 886-2-24975752,886-2-24967795
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When tourists visit Jiufen, not only do they want to try the taro balls, they will definitely want to queue up for Ah Lan's herbal glutinous rice cakes! These cakes are another type of delicious food item representative of Jiufen!Mr. Xu, owner of the herbal glutinous rice cake shop, has been eating the rice cakes since he was a little boy during Chinese New Year when his family offers the cakes to their ancestors. The rice cakes are representative of Jiufen because the detail Jiufen's riches to rags history and also tells the stories of people from Jiufen leaving their hometown in search of better lives, and then returned home ultimately. Jiufen was previously crowded and prosperous due to mining activities. However, when mineral deposits became depleted, Jiufen was abandoned and quietness returned. The younger generation needed to find work and left Jiufen. It was only when this "City of Sadness started receiving tourists that it became crowded and prosperous again. The younger generation that left the town returned. Mr. Xu's family already owned a bakery when Jiufen was a mining town, when the town was abandoned, Mr. Xu's family opened another breakfast shop to supplement their income. As Jiufen became a favourite touristic destination again, Mr. Xu's mother asked him to return home to help, both of them decided to open a shop that sells authentic food items with historical value. Mr. Xu and his wife learnt the ropes of making glutinous cakes from their grandmother and mother.

Opening Hours

09:00 - 20:00
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