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A City of Sadness

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Updates : 2020-07-25
TEL 886-2-24960852
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Recommended ProductsOld fashioned rice with pork fat, Taiwanese family style stir-fry, economical a la carte, Western set meal, coffeeThe film "A City of Sadness" promoted the beauty of Jiufen globally; hence for a long time, Jiufen and the City of Sadness were virtually synonymous. Walk down the long Shuqi Rd., and one will discover that the aura of the movie "A City of Sadness" has somewhat subsided. Since Jiufen is built close to the mountain, the unique mountain and sea landscape has transformed the mountain city into a unique tourism destination. The film "A City of Sadness" was actually filmed on Shuqi Rd.; if one watches the movie again, it is clear that the very same scenery appeared in the movie from the Little Shanghai Restaurant.Although the aura of the film "A City of Sadness" no longer exists, the old fashioned taste of the space remains unchanged, and the old store still holds an irresistible attraction to new idol dramas. The Korean drama "On Air" was also filmed on this location. If you are curious about what sort of meal the Little Shanghai Restaurant offers now, the answer is: Anything you fancy!The original filming location of "A City of Sadness" features old fashioned Taiwanese flavors such as Taiwanese family style stir-fry and economical a la carte meals.

Opening Hours

10:00 - 22:00
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