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Taro Potato Teahouse

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Updates : 2022-10-28
TEL 886-2-24976314
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Shopping DirectoryPayment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Other Information : Will accept foreign currencyRecommended Productsmeal, tea ceremony, dishes for sharing, Jiufen mountain view, antiques, wooden craftsThe Taro Potato Teahouse is located diagonally across from the Jiufen Business District Tourist Information Center on Shuqi Road. There is a unique cave-like tunnel entrance one must enter, with "Taro and Sweet Potato" written above it. The visitor information sign to the side details the origins of the penetrant alleys. After entering the tunnel, visitors must pass through a penetrant alley unique to the Jiufen region before reaching the actual teahouse.Upon entering the store, there are many eye-catching retro ornaments and decorative elements. More than a dozen wine vats are lined up on the ground, with a variety of antiques and collector's items displayed on the shelves. What is unique about their menu is that the tea menu is carved on a wooden board, while other drinks and dishes are carved into two pieces of leather. Many wooden statues of Gods are displayed along the hallway, and an assortment of teapots, jewelry boxes, crafts and other antique collections are shown on the wooden shelves. Many red lanterns are strung up in the teahouse, and an antique bed and wardrobe with delicate carvings can be found on the second floor.The owner of this teahouse used to be in the clothing industry. He enjoys painting and has a certain appreciation for crafts and pieces of art. He also has a passion for collecting antiques and crafts. He eventually opened up a craft shop in Jiufen and converted his old family home into a teahouse, with the antiques and crafts that he has collected being one of the main attractions.

Opening Hours

09:00 - 21:00 or 22:00
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