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Taiwan Indigenous Culture Day Trip

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Taiwan Indigenous Culture Day Trip
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      “Apart from scenery, local culture is the most beautiful part of each travel”. If you are interested in the culture of Taiwan indigenous people and would like to visit charming boutiques, in addition to relaxing hot spring sessions, be sure not to miss “Taiwan Indigenous Culture Day Trip: Relaxing Xindian and Wulai”. This route includes sites such asBitan Scenic Area, Wulai Atayal Museum and Fu-Shan Tribe. Bitan Scenic Area is a popular tourist location that includes beautiful winding rivers, green mountains, clean waters, andlarge cliffs are also frequently visited by visitors. Wulai is one of the few administration districts in northern Taiwan with indigenous culture, famous for hot springs and Taiwan cherry trees. Visitors can explore the history and culture of indigenous people at the Wulai Atayal Museum, and later visit the Fu-Shan Tribe to experience the unique totems and architecture of indigenous tribes.
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