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Enjoying the Waterfall and Flying Sky Lantern- “Pingxi Shifen” Refreshing with Blessing One Day Tour

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Enjoying the Waterfall and Flying Sky Lantern- “Pingxi Shifen” Refreshing with Blessing One Day Tour
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Outdoor excursion
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1 day




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      “Interested in lighting sky lanterns for blessings, and feeling the refreshment and magnificence from the largest waterfall in Taiwan?” The well known “New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival”recommended by Discovery and CNN as a must go, along with the “Shifen Waterfall” reputed as the Niagara Fall of Taiwan are all in this travel route. Beginning from “MRT Mucha” station, visit “Shifen Old Street” first to launch traditional sky lanterns and experience a unique train passing in front of doorsteps railway feature; then walk towards “Shifen Waterfall Area”to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the largest waterfall in Taiwan. Then return to Shifen tourist center and take a ride to “Pingxi Old Street” in search of scenes from the movie You’re the Apple of My Eye and savor a local Taiwanese snack “sausage in sticky rice”; then turn towards “Jingtong Railway Station”to visit the mine museum and try old school “miner’s bento”; finally, arrive at the “Sky Lantern Police Station” to launch a unique, customized “Police Wishing Lantern”, and appreciate the 9 meter tall glass curtain in the shape of a sky lantern with special light shows comprised of nearly 200 thousand LED lights, bringing the small, heartfelt one day trip to an end.


      【Return traffic information】
      Method 1: Take the Taiwan Rail going from “Jintong Station” to “Museum of Marine Science and Technology”and disembark at “Jintong Station”, then transfer from the station back to Taipei Main Station.
      【Return-Take a bus】
      Method 2: Take the “795 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus- Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus (to Muzha)” from “Jingtong Station”stop and disembark at “MRT Muzha Station”, then transfer to MRT back to Taipei Main Station.
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      When it comes to letting all your worries go, having an unobstructed sea view is said to be the most effective. You can ride a bicycle with the wind blowing past, go fishing at the fishing port, or refresh your mood with the aroma of coffee. Even if you are not that into social media, the moment you see the geological wonders of Laomei Green Reef (March to May), Shimen Cave under the blue sky, and the movie-like sunset, you will want to post the photos to keep the most beautiful memories.Caoli Fishing Port is a well-known fishing paradise. Under the transformation by the city government, the fishing area of the port has been upgraded with guardrails. Enjoy the unique healing effect of the sea breeze at this North Coast fishing port. During summer, enjoy the seasonal fun events such as family fishing and concerts at the revamped and diverse fishing port.The geological landscape has made Shimen area the best classroom in the nature. Follow the footsteps of spring and walk along the only and season-limited “green carpet” in Taiwan from Shimen Cave. Any picture you post will surely get a lot of attention on social media.Ride to the northernmost Fugui Cape Lighthouse on Provincial Highway No. 2. Completed in 1897, the lighthouse is magnificent under the blue sky and white clouds. Slow down your pace to take in the beauty of mountain and sea. If you find yourself tired from biking, make a stop at the exotic cafés on the coastline, or go a bit further to Qianshui Bay for some beach time. Let the beautiful sunset draw the perfect end to this spontaneous trip.
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