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Feast of Art- “Jinshan Wanli”Crab Eating and Hot Spring One Day Tour

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Feast of Art- “Jinshan Wanli”Crab Eating and Hot Spring One Day Tour
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Outdoor excursion
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1 day




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      The “Juming Museum” located at Jinshan district of New Taipei City is an outdoor museum occupying a grand expanse with many giant sculptures. One can’t get enough photos in a day with its superb art creation and natural sceneries; one can also enjoy the “candle stick rocks” known as the “couple’s rock” along with the lush green forest walkway of the “Lion Head Mountain hiking trail”. At the three centuries old “Jinshan Old Street”, there are the local delicacies and feature souvenirs (such as the duck, sesame rice crispy, yam and taro, etc); and at the “Yehlio GeoPark”, there is the famous “Queen’s Head Rock”, a picture with her is a must for the tourist while appreciating the rock formations most similar to that of Mars on this planet. Nearby Guihou Fishing Harbor allows you to savor the delectable “Steamed Wanli Crab”. Finally, move on to the hot spring hotels in Jinshan or Wanli and enjoy the precious “Ocean Hot Spring”, fulfilling a double enjoyment of the ocean view and hot spring baths.


      【Return-Take a bus】
      Take the “862 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle- Crown Northern Coastline” going towards “MRT Tamsui Station” from “Jiatouli (Hot Spring Area)” and disembark at “MRT Tamsui Station”, then transfer to Taipei MRT and arrive at Taipei Main Station.
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