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Romantic River Bank- “Tamsui” Sunset and Relic One Day Tour

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Romantic River Bank- “Tamsui” Sunset and Relic One Day Tour
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Outdoor excursion
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1 day




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      “Tamsui” of New Taipei City is a beautiful river bank with sunset and numerous relics. Whether strolling along the river banks hand in hand or shopping on Old Street, trying the local snacks or enjoying the unparalleled ocean view, all of them present an enjoyable traveling atmosphere. Beginning from the“MRT Tamsui Station”, visit the “Tamsui Old Street” to shop around and taste popular local snacks such as A Gei, fish fries and traditional egg pancakes; then move on to the centuries old white Qing Dynasty architecture the “Little White House” and pose with the romantic half domed archway and corridors. The nearby “Bok Su Lao” is featured with red brick exterior and slanted rooftops, and the “Tamsui Red Castle” with three hundred years of history used to multi-function as a military defense, consular office and dungeon. “Cloud Gate Theatre”is the rehearsal and performance venue of the renowned performance group Cloud Gate. The park contains several works of art, including famous works by sculpting master Ju Ming. Here you can leaf through Cloud Gate selected books and uniquely developed art products of the dancer lifestyle. Finally, transfer to the “Lover’s Bridge” to capture unbeatable ocean views and the beautiful sunset in Taiwan. The neighboring “Fisherman’s Stage” allows visitors to enjoy the gentle ocean breeze and enjoy performances by independent bands.


      【Return-Take a bus】
      Take the “Red 26” bus from Fisherrnan’s Wharf back to MRT Tamsui Staion., then transfer to MRT Tamsui Xinyi line back to Taipei Main Station.
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