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LOHAS Paradise ~ “Houtong-Shuangxi” A Fun One-day Trip with Cats and Forests

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LOHAS Paradise ~ “Houtong-Shuangxi” A Fun One-day Trip with Cats and Forests
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Outdoor excursion
Travel days :
1 day




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      Starting from the “Houtong Station,” cute cartoon cat billboards and popular cat station-master statues can be seen once exiting the station. Enter the “Houtong Cat Village” through the first pedestrian-cat bridge in Taiwan to have a close encounter with the sweet cats, then take a ride on the Taiwan Railways to Shuangxi Station. One may rent bicycles from the “Low-Carbon Station” on the side when exiting the station, then follow the “Shuangxi Bikeway” to admire the clear rivers and beautiful mountain forests along the way and then savor the aromatic ancient-flavored traditional egg cakes at the “Haishan Bakery.” After taking a break, visit the century-old historical “Lin Yi He Tang” Chinese herb store with oriental sentiments in order to admire the colored tiles, decorations as well as the antique medicine apparatus. Experience the nostalgic glory of the old street at the “Shuangxi Ferry Port,” which used to be an important checkpoint for transporting daily supplies. At last, visit the “Slow Café” enriched by a strong art and cultural ambience to enjoy the hand brewed coffees and the store’s signature kiln bread. Experience a Taiwanese field trip in the company of gourmet food and magnificent sceneries.


      【Return traffic information】
      Take a ride on Taiwan Railways Tze-Chiang Limited Express / Fusing Semi Express / Local Train, get off at “Taipei Station.”
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