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Exploring indigenous culture: “Bitan-Wulai” Tranquility and Spa One-Day Tour

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Exploring indigenous culture: “Bitan-Wulai” Tranquility and Spa One-Day Tour
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Outdoor excursion
Travel days :
1 day




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      The historical Bitan Suspension Bridge in the “Bitan Scenic Area” links both sides of the Xindian River. On the bridge, the wonderful vista of the entire scenic area is in sight. Below there are rental water bikes for visitors to explore the lake. At the lakeside restaurants, there are installation artworks suitable for taking pictures. Moving on to “Wulai Old Street”, visitors can taste “Taiwan indigenous specialty foods”, such as the charcoal grilled wild boar pork and colorful rice cooked in bamboo tubes, and buy some souvenirs like the millet wine and millet mochi. The “Wulai Atayal Museum” in the old street offers free guided tours for visitors to learn more about the Atayal history, culture, and customs. Visitors can also join the fun Atayal weaving and other DIY activities. After the museum tour, visitors can turn to the “Wulai Waterfall” known as “the waterfall with the largest height difference in Taiwan” to enjoy the glittering afternoon sunshine flickering above the water. Lastly, visitors can return to Wulai Old Street and pick one favorite spa hostel to end up this joyous trip in a tranquil and comfortable spa.


      【Return-Take a bus】
      At “Wulai Stop”, take route 849 to the Taipei Metro Xindian Station and take Taipei Metro back to the Taipei Main Station.
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