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Magnificent Night City: “Banqiao” One-Day Shopping Tour

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Magnificent Night City: “Banqiao” One-Day Shopping Tour
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Outdoor excursion
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1 day




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      As an administration center, shopping center and transport hub, “Banqiao District” is the fusion of the shopping, local street food, traditional market and night market cultures of New Taipei City. It is also the location of the “Christmas land in New Taipei City”. Around the Banqiao Railway Station and the Taipei Metro Banqiao Station there is a wide variety of characteristic breakfast restaurants. The local meals fusing Taiwanese ingredients and Western cuisine are the gourmet alley foods visitors must try. The Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden near the Taipei Metro Fuzhong Station is a classical Chinese garden. The “Huangshi Market” nearby is a fun attraction for visitors to buy and taste authentic “Taiwan traditional market” foods. The “Fuzhong Shopping Area” has a wide collection of fashionable items beloved by youth. As the paradise for street foods in the evening in Banqiao, the “Nanya Tourism Night Market” enables visitors to fully experience Taiwan’s night market culture.


      【Return traffic information】
      About 20 minutes’ walk to “Taipei Metro Fuzhong Station” to take Taipei Metro back to where you live.
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