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From Northeast Coast with Low: Gongliao Mountain and Sea One-Day Tour

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From Northeast Coast with Low: Gongliao Mountain and Sea One-Day Tour
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Outdoor excursion
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1 day




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      Taiwan’s most gorgeous coastal scenery can be found in Gongliao District, New Taipei City. In Nanya, there are the “Nanya Rocks” uniquely shaved by weathering. In the “Longdong Ocean Park”, visitors can experience the fun of swimming with the fish and snorkeling. In the seafood street in “Aodi Fishing Harbor”, people can freely taste local fresh seafood. On the “Fulong Beach”, visitors can find fun in the cool seas and on the golden beach. Apart from an ideal destination for releasing energy in summer, Gongliao is the place where the Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival, an international musical event, is held. In consideration of time, visitors can travel to attraction one: the “Old Caoling Tunnel” with a natural cooling effect. After penetrating the tunnel, visitor can continue with the “Old Caoling Belt Bikeway” to appreciate the beautiful fusion of the mountains and the sea along the coastal highway to reach the “Mao’ao Fishing Village” to explore the tranquility among the century-old stone houses in this little fishing village. Visitors can also pick attraction two located in the easternmost tip of Taiwan to see the first twilight at dawn. There are many romantic installation artworks and the invincible view of the “Santiago Lighthouse”. From this trip, visitors can explore and will be impressed by the charm and unique wonder of Taiwan’s ocean.


      【Return traffic information】
      (1) From Old Caoling Belt Bikeway: Ride along the bikeway back to Fulong Railway Station, return the bike, and take the train from “Fulong Railway Station” back to the “Taipei Main Station”.
      【Return-Take a bus】
      (2) From Santiago Lighthouse Stop: Take routes 1811 (Loudong-Taipei) or 1812 (Nanfangao-Taipei) of Kuo Kuang Bus at “Magang Stop” and get off the bus at “Taipei Main Station”
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