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Relic Restoration, Revisiting Colonial Rule Mining Village

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Relic Restoration, Revisiting Colonial Rule Mining Village
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The Japanese architectural outfit of the old Shanjia train station gives a momentary time disorientation. Visit the old station route now arranged to combine the railway image with the timely popular 3D painting into “Railway Geo Landscape Park”. The park preserves the old rail tracks to display the 1940s history right before one’s eyes. Separated by a brick wall, the old mining street of Shanjia still maintains many of its age old architectures. Move along to Gaidankeng coal mine site to immediately awaken the mining glory of Shulin in decades past. The Arms Park is also the “New Taipei City Military Cemetery” to honor soldiers deceased during service, and to display disarmed military equipment to an eyeful for arms fanatics. “Lujiao River Man-made Wetland” utilizes water plants and natural purification methods to proceed with Dahan River renovation and construct an ecological system. Not only purifying polluted lands but also becoming a haven for water birds and other animals. It is a very nice wildlife classroom.


【Return-Take a bus】
You may take the 889 bus or Blue 44 from “Chenglin Bridge stop” to Taiwan Rail “South Shulin Station” or “Taipei MRT Bannan Line” and return by rail or MRT.
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