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San Ying Flavor, Ride Along Left Bank Nature and Relics

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San Ying Flavor, Ride Along Left Bank Nature and Relics
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      The Dahan River bike trail is divided into the left and right waterfront. The left band connects Hsinchuang, Shulin, and Yingge, entering from the bike trail section of Shanjia Gan Yuan bridge and passing Gan Yuan Ecological Riverside Park, which is a feature eco-park, linking the entire river bank into one green alleyway. Enjoy the peacefulness of nature within the park. When the large hand molded cup shape tower and characteristic Longyao bridge are in sight, the bike trail is nearing its final destination “San-Ying Waterfront”. Grandma Sushi on the old street and pottery DIY immediately comes to mind in Yingge, or one could visit Yingge Ceramics Museum, the most beautiful museum of New Taipei to be awash in arts. Or perhaps take the bus to Sanxia Old Street filled with Baroque style. It is the few complete traditional street districts in Taiwan of historical value and great for strolling.


      【Return-Take a bus】
      You may take the 702 bus to Shulin Train Station” at Sanxia Old Street or take the 910 bus that travels on the express way to Banquiao station.
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