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Seek Out Uncharted Lands, Reach High to See Amazing Shulin

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Seek Out Uncharted Lands, Reach High to See Amazing Shulin
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Rail travel
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Shulin Datong Mountain is known as the “Shulin Back Garden”. The pavilions and viewing platforms set on its summit overlook greater Taipei, attracting considerable people for its night view. The connecting Blue Dragon Ridge and Dadong Mountain has a magnificent view along the way, with layers of formation and lush greenery after entering the forest trails. There is a blue dragon sculpture along the way symbolizing the Blue Dragon Ridge. Overlooking from the triangular point, the entire Shulin area can be enjoyed with its wide expanse of view. After seeing the beauty from the summit, hike down from the industrial road behind Dadong mountain pavilion to reach Shanjia train station. The station was used for coal transportation, and under the mining of Colonial Japan, it once boasted of prosperity. As the mining dwindles and population migrated, it has become the best witness to local history. On February 2017, it reopened to the public, redisplaying its century glamor with Japanese and Western style blending of architecture. Feel the glory it once had with the renovated station.


【Return traffic information】
Take the Taiwan Rail from Shanjia station to return.
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