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One-Day Tour to Jiufen Old Street

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One-Day Tour to Jiufen Old Street
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Nostalgic tour of the old street
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1 day




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      Some people say that Jiufen became popular because of the movie “A City of Sadness”, but that is just what they might think because they have not experienced the wonder of Jiufen itself. Jiufen has not only preserved the old-style buildings from the Japanese Ruling Era, but most importantly it has the atmosphere of mountain city. Although the old street of today is always packed with crowds, but it is only in Jiufen that one may enjoy the fun of unique trails leading to the tranquil sceneries. One must have a bowl of taro tapioca balls when visiting here, but there are actually many other nostalgic snack food options here, forming a real-life story house with the three streets including Jinshan Street, Shuci Road and Cingbian Road, one may explore the splendid stories of Jiufen here, and may also enjoy delicacies while strolling around. If you have the time, take a trip to the Gold Museum, and you may further have a glimpse of the glorious gold refining days of the past.
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