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One-Day Tour to Yingge Old Street

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One-Day Tour to Yingge Old Street
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Nostalgic tour of the old street
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1 day




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Anyone would think of Yingge when speaking of ceramic art in Taiwan. After stepping out of Yingge Station, the surrounding architectural style brings out a feeling of nostalgia in people, and one may further experience the architectural charm of the last century when arriving at Yingge Old Street. The “Square Kiln” on the old street is a famous landmark of Yingge, which also symbolizes the past prosperity of the kiln factories during the old days. Up until recently, kilns had declined from their former prosperity and then revitalized again, hence ancient buildings and delicious snack foods are not the only treasures of Yingge, but there are also the artists who silently work their kilns. When visiting Yingge, you should take a look around and select a few pieces of fine china that suit your taste, as those may be unique treasures found only in your collection.
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