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One-Day Tour to Pingxi Old Street

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One-Day Tour to Pingxi Old Street
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Nostalgic tour of the old street
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1 day




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      Traditional long street houses can still be seen here, each house mainly in the form of the classic two-storey building, where the ground floor generally has a variety of stores. Some are even Japanese Ruling Era style fabric stores and dessert ice stores. Each alley can see trains passing by, the most distinguishing characteristic of Pingxi Old Street. Pingxi Old Street is filled with a classic Japanese atmosphere, and the Chinese and English road signs are also have Japanese characters, making one feel as if they were in Japan. You can explore the area to find the architectures filled with most human touch and ancient ambience amongst the old street and alleys. You can also wander freely to watch the trains passing by the bridge above your head, or take a break at nearby B&B before renting a bicycle to set out on a leisurely tour. You must further climb up the nearby Xiaozi Mountain (Filial Mountain), as its lush green mountain forest sceneries will certainly add more wonderful memories to your Pingxi tour.
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