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One-Day Riding Historical Tour in Tamsui

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One-Day Riding Historical Tour in Tamsui
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      "Tamsui is an ancient city incorporated with history, humanities, beautiful scenery and cuisine. New discoveries that differ from time to time are always ready for the tourists with more fun to enjoy!" Take the MRT to Tamsui Station and rent a YouBike. Starting from the "Gold Coast Bikeway", enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river bank while sampling the foods sold by vendors along the seashore. Ride down the way and you should pass the art sculpture built to commemorate the arrival of Priest Mackay. There are 8 hundred-year-old Chinese banyan trees for people to enjoy a cool break and overlook the Tamsui River scenery and the "Gold Coast" with its beautiful sunset, Besides, there are newly built large art installations that use recycled objects like the "Iron Horse King Kong" and "Customs Wharf." Then, you can visit Taiwan's first western-style hospital in northern Taiwan to understand Dr. Mackay's profile and the medical environment at that time. One of the top five companies in Tamsui, the "Douglas lapraik & Co." has great significance in Tamsui’s sailing history. Next, drop by Taiwan's first private house that is equipped with tap water equipment, the "former residence of Takada Eikichi, which is a rare well-kept Japanese construction built with Taiwan red cypress. Then move forward to the artist's favorite, the world famous "Tamsui Wenhua A gei" where it is recommended to order a serving of a gei and a bowl of fish ball soup for a snack. Then, continue the trip to the "Little White House," a Spanish-style white construction which newlyweds enjoy as the shooting site of wedding photos; then go to the "Fortress San Domingo" and the "Former British Consulate", both of which feature western constructions with their display of relics. Afterwards, visit "Oxford College", which was built by Mackay in an integrated style of eastern and western culture and the "Presbyterian Church," a Gothic architecture. The last stop of the trip is to observe the beautiful sunset at Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf, then take a boat back to Tamsui MRT Station as the ending of a one-day ancient city small tour that is both productive and cultural.
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