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"Shulin" climb the super-popular Taiwan Xiao Baiyue and pray for peace in the largest local Tudigong temple

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"Shulin" climb the super-popular Taiwan Xiao Baiyue and pray for peace in the largest local Tudigong temple
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      "Eating too much during the New Year? You can use the holiday to climb the Taiwan Xiao Baiyue on a hiking tour to appreciate the dreamy scenery, absorb some natural flower essence, and then enjoy the precious cold springs and slides in the largest local Tudigong temple. In the winter, you can still be in the mountains, take pictures of the beautiful scenery under the cherry blossom trail!" In the morning, starting from the 30-year-old temple, the largest Tudigong temple in Shulin, the “Nan Liao Fu De Temple”, enjoy the combination of a cold spring, a slide, prayer to Tudigong and the beautiful scenery of the mountains and cherry blossoms (seasonal) at this five star temple; then take the Datongshan hiking trail next to the temple through the Qinglongling hiking trail to the Dadongshan hiking trail, and climb the highland overlooking the vast scenery of Shulin, Yingge, Taoyuan, Taipei 101, etc., take in the natural energy and heal the body and mind!


      【Return traffic information】
      Get off the mountain from “Dadong Mountain” to reach the “Sanjia Station” where you can take the TRA home.
      Jinzibei Historic Trail – Houtong overlooked mining glories and offers a healing journey searching for kitties while visiting local attractions.
      Jinzibei Historic Trail’s starting point at the Mudan end is the same as that of Canguangliao Historic Trail; Canguangliao exits from Jinguashi, while Jinzibei hiking trail exits from Houtong. After getting off from Shisanceng Old Tree Stop, walk for 15 minutes and you will arrive at “Jinzibei Historic Trail Entrance/Exit”. Along the Trail, visitors will come upon century-old historic sites of Jinzibei and Fengxianshijin Tablet; the total distance of the Trail is approximately 3.4km, and it takes about 2.5 hours to finish walking the Trail. The Trail is mainly made of stone path and stone stairs, which will take some energy to finish the route; but the lush green woods give refreshing coolness along the way. After exiting the Trail, visitors will connect to Jiuqiongqiao Rd. and then Houtong Rd. if they continue going straight. And going further down, visitors will see Ruisan Coal Transporting Bridge and Ruisan Coal Preparation Plant. Walking into the “Vision Hall” transformed from previously the coal preparation warehouse, visitors will have an in-depth experience of the old-time glory of Houtong’s coal mining industry as well as an overview of the local coal mining development through the introduction provided inside the Vision Hall. The other key feature of Houtong would have to be “Cat Village”! Walking over Houtong Cat Bridge, and visitors will arrive at cat lovers’ “promised land” – Cat Village. Let us kindly remind all visitors to follow the rules here, and please do not hit, feed, disturb, or pet the cats, and please do not free your cats here and do not litter. Let’s safeguard this precious “cats’ heaven” together as we enjoy a healing holiday and wander amidst the historic paths.
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