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"Shulin" climb the super-popular Taiwan Xiao Baiyue and pray for peace in the largest local Tudigong temple

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"Shulin" climb the super-popular Taiwan Xiao Baiyue and pray for peace in the largest local Tudigong temple
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      "Eating too much during the New Year? You can use the holiday to climb the Taiwan Xiao Baiyue on a hiking tour to appreciate the dreamy scenery, absorb some natural flower essence, and then enjoy the precious cold springs and slides in the largest local Tudigong temple. In the winter, you can still be in the mountains, take pictures of the beautiful scenery under the cherry blossom trail!" In the morning, starting from the 30-year-old temple, the largest Tudigong temple in Shulin, the “Nan Liao Fu De Temple”, enjoy the combination of a cold spring, a slide, prayer to Tudigong and the beautiful scenery of the mountains and cherry blossoms (seasonal) at this five star temple; then take the Datongshan hiking trail next to the temple through the Qinglongling hiking trail to the Dadongshan hiking trail, and climb the highland overlooking the vast scenery of Shulin, Yingge, Taoyuan, Taipei 101, etc., take in the natural energy and heal the body and mind!


      【Return traffic information】
      Get off the mountain from “Dadong Mountain” to reach the “Sanjia Station” where you can take the TRA home.
      Liulanglu Sightseeing Hiking Trail – Romantic wandering and strolling in Jiufen.
      Tamsui Kavalan Trails refer generally to the major traffic route from Tamsui Sub-Prefecture to Kavalan Sub-Prefecture of the Qing Dynasty. “Liulanglu Sightseeing Hiking Trail” was previously a push car railway from Ruifang to Jiufen with a total distance of approximately 1.6km, making it suitable for hiking beginners’ debut route to experience Tamsui Kavalan Trails. After leaving Ruifang Train Station, go straight for approximately 100m and you will spot Ruifang Food Court, which offers historic pork thick soup, Taiwanese pork chop rice… It is a gourmet center with 25 years of history! After renovation, the dining environment has become more comfortable; with the air conditioning, you won’t get all sweaty while you eat. There is such an amazing selection of tasty food in Ruifang; before leaving the Trail, it is recommended to visit on your way home the famous dessert shop in the area – Misty Cake, and bring home a golden puff made of sweet potato, a local specialty, as a reward for your workout! There are cooling and refreshing lush greens along Liulanglu Sightseeing Hiking Trail. Once reaching Liulangtou Observation Deck at the top, visitors can have a bird’s eye view of the splendid sceneries in Badouzi, Keelung and Ruifang. Stepping outside the Trail and you will be in Jiufen! Many people may not know that there is actually a Jiufen Gold Ore Museum, which is different from the widely known Gold Museum. It was founded by an old miner Mr. Tseng Shui-chih and has a display of various kinds of mining tools; visitors will also have the opportunity to experience gold panning here! Let us bring you the mountain town’s night view of Jiufen Old Street as the ending of your journey – enjoy the mountain town sceneries that grow more and more strikingly beautiful at night!
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