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Caoling Historic Trail – Youthful Gongliao Route lets you hike up to the mountains and down to the sea.

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Caoling Historic Trail – Youthful Gongliao Route lets you hike up to the mountains and down to the sea.
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      Caoling Historic Trail is the most widely known section along the Tamsui Kavalan Trails. Along the way there are Xiongzhen Manyan Tablet, Tiger Tablet, and many other historic sites; setting off from the Historic Trail entrance and traveling all the way to Gongliao – it’s a great route to the mountains and the ocean both in one day! From Dali Train Station, tourists can enter the Historic Trail by passing by the Dali Visitor Center. The Trail is level and easy to walk along the way, and once arriving at Yakou Observation Deck visitors will also be able to spot Guishan Island in the distance. When visiting here in the fall, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of blossoming snowy white silver grass. Once arriving at Yuanwangkeng Water Park, visitors can sit inside the wood gazebo to appreciate the small bridges, running streams, criss-crossed rice terraces, or they can also spend some relaxing time and play in the water at the shallow creeks. Walking from Yuanwangkeng Water Park to Yuanwangkeng entrance, visitors would take approximately 3.5 hours walking on the Trail itself. Beginner hikers can transfer via bus here to reach Fulong Train Station. Once arriving at Fulong Train Station, treat yourself with a hearty Fulong bento to cheer you up. Lastly, visitors can head to Fulong Beach on the way; in addition to playing in the water, Fulong Sand Sculpture Art Festival held here each summer will also offer visitors many awe-inspiring creative sand sculpture art works to enjoy! Even though walking the Trail won’t be too tiring, it is still recommended for the visitors to wear hiking boots to ameliorate stress when walking. Remember to drink water and also to bring your trekking pole – only thorough preparation will lead you to a safe hike into the mountains!


      【Return traffic information】
      Walk to Fulong Train Station and take the train for your return journey.
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