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Yingge - The Art and Crafts Tour

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Yingge - The Art and Crafts Tour
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      Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all and reset. But where can you go? We recommend a trip to Yingge. The small town atmosphere there allows you to focus on following the footsteps of art. You will feel recharged and ready to face the world again after half a day! For the stop, we recommend “Yingge Ceramics Museum.” The gray building in architectural concrete has a simple beauty of its own. On display is the century of ceramic developments in Taiwan as well as its future. There are special exhibitions combining art with technology where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the potter’s craft. For lunch, visit “Yingge Old Street” with its historic buildings and learn about the town’s history with an accompaniment of great local food such as Grandma’s Sushi (阿婆壽司) and Rubbish Noodles (垃圾麵). Take a short break then head over to “Tai-Hwa Pottery – Taiwan Glamour Gallery.” Tai-Hwa Pottery is a world leader in painted ceramics thanks to its extensive experience. You can see artists at work or pre-book a painting session to unleash your own inner artist. Finally, there is “Sanying Art Village” with large landscape artworks dotting the landscape. Stroll amidst the installations that combine life and culture to experience the vibrancy of the region.
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