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Light Rail 1-Day Food and Fun Tour for Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Jimmy's Public Art at Danhai Light Rail (2)
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Senior citizen
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1 day
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Public & Family & The aged




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      The completion of the Light Rail allowed weekend jaunts with an additional region for exploration! Set out from Xinshi 1st Rd. Station (V06) with friends and family, where one will be attracted by Jimmy’s public art at Danhai Light Rail upon exiting the station, there are also different splendid installations along the light rail platform!Jimmy's Public Art at Danhai Light Rail
      You can then walk to the Little River Hot Pot restaurant in the periphery, where the clean and comfortable in-store dining ambience together with the food ingredients directly delivered from the place of production in collaboration with small farmers in Taiwan allow one to eat healthy without concerns. After the meal, take a walk to the Beitouzi River Cherry Blossom Wood Trail, where close to a hundred Yoshino Cherry trees flourish prosperously in March of every year, often attracting visitors here to take photos and the trail without cherry blossoms is also the first choice of the neighboring residents for taking a walk.Beitouzi River Cherry Blossom Wood Trail
      You can then follow the road to arrive at the New Town characteristic Children’s Park, where children can have fun with the playground equipment and spend their energy, while adults can also use the exercise facilities on the side with added fun! Afterwards, you can ride on the Light Rail to arrive at the Gongqi Nature Park, where you can picnic and enjoy a simple afternoon tea on the large grasslands. After taking a small break, you can then head for the Cheng Family Abode in the vicinity, follow the traces of the traditional house, feel the changes of time to experience loads of memories.Gongqi Nature Park
      In the end, wrap up the day with the two popular tourist attractions of Huwei Fort Park and the Little White House, where a vast field of vision and magnificent sceneries can be enjoyed when looking far into the Tamsui River from the Little White House. This will be a productive and splendid day regardless of the distances walked!Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence ( Little White House )
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