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Lingjiaoliao Mountain Hiking Trail

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Lingjiaoliao Mountain Hiking Trail
Category :
Hiking Trails
Travel days :
1 day
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Public & Backpackers




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The Lingjiaoliao Mountain Hiking Trail has a varied natural ecology such as acacia trees, Gordonia axillaris (fried egg plant), Japanese Ophiorrhiza, etc. Along the way, you will pass by the three Lingjiao Treasures (Lingjiao Cai Mansion, Wanggu Waterfalls, Lingjiao Old Bridge) and other scenic spots. You can climb down the wooden stairs In front of the Wanggu Waterfalls to admire their beauty up close. While watching the waterfalls, admiring the coal, and crossing the streams, you may let the quiet atmosphere of the mountains and forests enter you. A rare secret paradise near the city.
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