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Wulai Spa One-Day Trip

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Wulai Spa One-Day Trip
Category :
Hot Spring
Travel days :
1 day
適合對象 :
Public & Family & Couples




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Wulai’s hot springs have been famous since ancient times, and when tourists think of Wulai, they think of mountain hot springs. The name "Wulai" in the Atayal language refers to hot spring water, thus the name indicates the importance of the Wulai hot springs in the Atayal people's lives. The Wulai Hot Springs are mainly distributed in Zhongzhili, around the Lansheng Bridge and the Xiluoan area. These are sodium bicarbonate springs, which have an exfoliating effect and promotes the metabolism. After soaking in these springs, your skin will feel soft and tender. Known as "Beauty Spas”, many hotels and high-end restaurants in Wulai offer hot springs as part of tour packages with hot spring bathing and special hot spring meals.

Any time of year, many tourists come to Wulai to enjoy bathing in the hot springs. After an invigorating hot spring bath is a good time to take a slow stroll along Wulai Old Street to taste some traditional Atayal delicacies and shop for some tribal handicrafts. With its hot springs, old streets and Atayal culture, Wulai is a very attractive place for tourists.
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