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Shiding Old Street One-Day Trip

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Shiding Old Street One-Day Trip
Category :
Nostalgic tour of the old street
Travel days :
1 day
適合對象 :
Public & Couples




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      In recent years, Shiding has held the "Shiding Oolong Oriental Beauty Tea Festival" with a range of activities to attract more people to Shiding, to revive Shiding's past glory as a tea production area. Thanks to its tea production in the early days, Shiding was a tea trading center between Pinglin, Shenkeng, and Shuangxi, and Shiding Old Street was a lively affair. However, since the opening of the No.1 Highway, Shiding’s traffic hub status has been taken over by Pinglin. The overtaking led to decline, but a few tea gardens and tea houses remain. Today, when you come to Shiding Old Street, a century-old tofu shop, stilt houses, the Skyless Street, Old Iron Shop, etc., give visitors a glimpse into Shiding’s prosperous past.
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