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Jingtong Old Street One-Day Trip

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Category :
Nostalgic tour of the old street
Travel days :
1 day
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Public & Family & Couples




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      Jingtong Station, an 80-year-old wooden station building, is decayed but has retained its elegant and ancient charm, attracting many tourists to take pictures. At the small quaint pavilion next to the station, visitors can buy bamboo tubes in the railway story hall next to them, write their wishes on the bamboo tubes and hang them in the pavilion.

      At the Jingtong Railway Story Hall next to the station, you could buy a wooden postcard, write blessings or memories on it, and drop it in the red retro mailbox to be sent to your home, a nice reminder of a wonderful trip. Jingtong Old Street, next to Jingtong Station, is only 100 meters away from the railway. The slate and floor tiles tell the history of the mining industry. There is a nostalgic miners’ canteen, railway souvenir shop, Yang Family’s best-selling chicken rolls, which make it an interesting area for visitors.
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