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Five-star surf mecca

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Five-star surf mecca
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Route 2 Taiwan-Water sports
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At the five-star surfing mecca, Zhongjiao Bay, there are professionally coached lessons even novices can try! The nearby Zhongjiao Elementary School of Jinshan District is a new sports tourism attraction specially created by New Taipei City. You can train your balance and practice the skills on the ground first here. Even young children and people who cannot swim can enjoy the fun in surfing. After exercising, enjoy delicious food at Jinbaoli Old Street. Then, visit Twin Candlestick Islets. Finally, soak in the hot spring to recoup from the exhaustion. You will feel 100% satisfied.

Appreciate summer lotus and light sculpture in Sanchong. Step into the Milky Way and indulge in your happiest moments!
Even though Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching, every day can be Valentine’s Day as long as you have a loving heart. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your girlfriend happy. Air Force Sanchong First Military Village, previously an Air Force Military Village, still preserves today the old-time military village culture as well as cultural and creative characteristics. The vintage bathtub with interchanging blue and white bubbles and shining umbrella set-up are both popular social media check-in locations for many bloggers in the recent years. Let us present you with the first gift – “patience”; now spend some decent time to take beautiful pictures of her! The second stop of the journey will bring you to New Taipei Metropolitan Park; don’t be mistaken that it’s only a heaven for kids, the vibrantly colorful Clover Landscape Slide is also an amazing backdrop for shooting your beautiful photos! Summer trips have to include flower appreciation, and you don’t have to go to Guanyin, Taoyuan or Baihe, Tainan, the Shuhong Lotus Park nearby have plentiful lotuses for you to enjoy! Boys, now it’s time to show how “sweet” you are – it’s recommended to rent two YouBikes and comfortably cycle along the riverbank. Lastly, visitors could come to the newly finished Chenguang Bridge, where constellation light sculpture can be seen when lights are lit up at night. And the Bridge also has a romantic meaning, as the designing concept of the Bridge comes from the mythical love story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. Walking on the illuminated bridge will be like stepping into the Milky Way – get ready and embrace your happiness right at this moment.
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