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Run to the east with friends

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Run to the east with friends
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Route 2 Taiwan-Running
Travel days :
2 Days
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      Have a crazy summer with a two-day trip to the beach of New Taipei! On the first day, head to Fulong for the vast sea. Fulong Inland River is wide and calm, making it an excellent place for beginners to try windsurfing. Around noon, you must have the renowned Fulong Bento (lunchbox). After taming your hunger, rent a bicycle with your friends and conquer Sandiaojiao Lighthouse on the east and enjoy the beautiful sunset!

      On the second day you must be at full throttle. Have a relay race against the train to improve your teamwork. Runners can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery along Route 2 Taiwan. In the afternoon, head down to Shuangxi Old Street for delicious food to replenish your energy. End the trip with a nice cup of aromatic coffee.

      ※Refer to the announcements by New Taipei City Government for the dates of New Taipei City Railway Relay. 

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