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So beautiful you want to visit a hundred times

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So beautiful you want to visit a hundred times
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Route 2 Taiwan-Seaside walk
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1 day
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      Stroll in Tamsui and visit historical sites that are telling the stories of the past. Here, you can enjoy fun games for families with children, audio-visual entertainment, gourmet, and shopping all in one place. You can also enjoy marine leisure activities at the fishing port or go to Lover’s Tower to see the world-class beautiful sunset. With the coastal scenery along Danhai Light Rail, it is guaranteed that you will want to visit again soon.

      Travelling by light rail is a top choice when visiting Tamsui so you don’t need to drive and can relax. You can enjoy the museums, old streets, food, and sea views, while being green and reducing your carbon footprint! Take Danhai LRT that is designed based on Jimmy’s artwork or visit the historic buildings with implications of Huwei culture. Take a walk to the historical sites and feel the history and art of Tamsui.

      If you want to have more options, go to the FAB GREEN VILLAGE. There is a movie theater and a shopping center. It is a good place to take a break. Remember to walk to Fisherman’s Wharf to capture the sunset in photos.

      Discovering local delicacy is an important task for many tourists. There is great food around the Blue Coast Line of LRT such as Little River Hotpot and Hezheng Bakery Kitchen. Through collaborating with local farmers, these restaurants offer organic food and local specialties, promoting the original flavor and seasonal food. Besides the classic snacks at the Old Street, be sure to explore these season-limited delicacies!
      Sanxia - Traditional Aesthetics
      Time experience cultural aesthetics to the fullest! The “Daliao Historical Tea House” is imbued with Japanese ambiance and features exhibits about its owner Taiwan Tea Corporation. Drinking tea in the rustic building offers a very restorative experience. “Baiji Xingxiu Temple” is located half-way up Baiji Mountain and is the Sanxia branch of Xingtian Temple. It is dedicated to Martial Emperor Guan Di, and the serene surroundings puts worshippers at ease. No visit to Sanxia could possibly be completed without walking along “Sanxia Old Street,” the longest old street in northern Taipei. The merchant or family names inscribed over the doorways hark back to the old days. Local food such as the Golden Croissant (金牛角), Hand-made Tofu Pudding (手工豆花), and Banyan Tree Noodles (榕樹下古早麵) are what the local people grew up eating! “Sanxia Blue Dye Park” is dedicated to the promotion of indigo dyeing culture and you can try this traditional craft for yourself here. As the blue color gradually appears on the cloth it takes on captivating patterns that make handicrafts all the more fun. A renovated old house is the home of CAN Culture, Art & Nature. Inside are the works of many artists that show off the beauty of Sanxia. The last stop of the day is “New Taipei City Hakka Museum” with its distinctive Hakka round house. The exhibitions on Hakka culture provide a fitting finale to a day filled with art and culture.
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