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Summer at the end of the Century, evolutions on the Banqiao railway

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Summer at the end of the Century, evolutions on the Banqiao railway
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      The Banqiao Railway Station today is a massive station and a transport hub located in the Xinban Special District. However, do you still remember the old Banqiao Railway Station situated on the MRT Fuzhong Station today? In recent years, many cities in Taiwan are conducting railway grade separation, such as the Railway Underground Project in Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taoyuan, and the Elevated Railway Project in Taichung. The Taipei Railway Underground Project, the first railway section to be conducted underground, started back in 1983. This project, spanning 30 years, has drastically transformed the transportation system and city landscape in Taipei City. This has also affected Banqiao, the capital district in New Taipei City. Let us roam from Fuzhong to Xinban Special District, and feel the changes between new and old Banqiao.


      The Banqiao Broadcasting Station, a municipal historic site located at the MRT Fuzhong Station, was completed and opened in 1930. It was designed by Kuriyama Shunichi, the architect of Taipei Beimen Post Office, which was completed in the same year. With its horizontal elevation, the building is a representation of contemporary architecture. Besides, it is also the most iconic Japanese colonial building in the area. As a transmission facility for radio broadcasting, the broadcasting station could send waves as far as Minxiong in Chiayi County. It is an important historical site when it comes to Taiwan's broadcasting history.

      The Fuzhong Shopping Area, located at the old Banqiao Railway Station, was once the busiest district in Banqiao and the entertainment center for the local residents. From 1901 to 1999, Banqiao Railway Station was situated in today’s Fuzhong. Even though the station has been relocated, the wide variety of stores still make Fuzhong a special place. karaoke bars, eateries, restaurants, malls and clothing stores co-exist and prosper together, making it a nice place for shopping in Banqiao. Moreover, the Halloween party at the end of October is a spectacular annual event in the Fuzhong Shopping Area.

      Although the old Banqiao Railway Station is gone because of the Railway Underground Project, we can still see the remaining traces of the old Banqiao Railway Station at Fuzhong Shopping Area. In the first year of the 20th century, the route of the Taiwan Railway had changed from passing through the north of the Dahan River in Xinzhuang to the south of the Dahan River in Banqiao, which laid the foundation for Banqiao to become the capital district of New Taipei City. The Railway Underground Project, which operated at the end of the century, boosted local development once again.

      Fuzhong 15 is the first theme pavilion that combines film and animation art with a documentary auditorium in Taiwan. After many years of development and management, Fuzhong 15 has become an important venue for sharing stories, and has become an important cultural landmark in Banqiao. Come to Fuzhong 15 and let its spokespeople, “Brother One” and “Brother Five” lead you into a world of images!

      Walk Along Xianmin Boulevard, which was rebuilt from an old railway, toward the northeast, where the new Banqiao Railway Station 800 meters away has turned into a transport hub and a large shopping area. The 25-story new station attracts passengers from the HSR, TR, MRT Bannan Line, Circular Line, and Banqiao Bus Station. It is a true business center, connecting office buildings, malls, and hotels in series in this area with underground walkways and skywalks. It also created the richest skyline in Banqiao District.

      There are lots of skyscrapers in Xinban Special District. It is a great thing for people to be able to overlook the city on a higher floor. With a height of 140.5 meters, New Taipei City Hall makes use of its height advantage by setting a free observation floor for viewing on the 32nd floor. People can take the exclusive elevator straight up to the observation deck. There, they can look 360 degrees through the full-width window design and see Mount Guanyin, Tamsui River, and Taipei 101 all at once, not to mention that you can clearly see the skyscrapers in Banqiao and Banqiao station since they are much closer. From the old Banqiao Railway Station to Xinban Special District, you can experience the differences brought about by the changed railway in Banqiao.
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