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Enjoy yourself while hiking and boating in Xindian and revel in the beauty of Bitan

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      Taiwan’s Xindian Bitan Scenic Area was already popular during the Japanese colonial period. In 1927, Taiwan Daily News launched a poll of “Eight Scenic Views of Taiwan” for all readers, which was the craziest readers’ poll in Taiwan’s history. Eventually, readers selected eight scenic views, twelve attractions, and two special spots, which included Xindian Bitan. Therefore, it can be seen as one of the leading scenic areas in Northern Taiwan. In recent years, the popularity of hiking in Taiwan has grown, and Bitan, with Hemei Mountain on its left and Shitou Mountain on its right, has become a good choice for urban residents to get closer to the mountains.

      If you arrive at Xindian Station by taking the MRT Songshan-Xindian line, the Shitou Mountain hiking trail is located beside Neng Ren Home Economic and Commercial Vocational High School, the school which is on the east side of the MRT station. The shape of the mountain resembles a small lion crouching beside Bitan, so it is also called the “Little Lion Mountain.” The hiking trail leads to various directions, and it is part of the “Smile Mountain Line” of New Taipei City, with 3 peaks and 11 pavilions in the whole region. When tourists arrive at the Neng Ren observation deck, they can see the traffic artery of Southern Taipei — National Freeway 3. In addition, it is also the place where many photographers take pictures of traffic light trails.

      The Bitan Suspension Bridge connects not only the left and right banks of Xindian River but also Shitou Mountain and Hemei Mountain. The Bitan Suspension Bridge, completed and opened in 1937, is a landmark bridge for tourism in Xindian, and even the concept of the emblem of the Xindian District Office is based on its design. This 30-meter-high and 200-meter-long bridge is a popular choice for dating couples, and carries different ups and downs from many people. Nowadays in Bitan, there are three bridges, including the Bitan Suspension Bridge, the Bitan Bridge, and the Formosa Freeway Bitan Bridge, forming a characteristic landscape similar to the three generations of a family.

      After crossing the Bitan Suspension Bridge, people can enter Hemei Mountain on the left side. The curious rocks on the mountain wall facing Bitan are magnificent, so it is also called the “Little Red Cliff.” The Hemei Mountain, which is only 153 meters high, has hiking trails suitable for all ages, and the route is divided into the blue waterfront line and the green mountain line. When people reach the top of the mountain, the Shitou Mountain, Nangang Mountain, and Taipei 101 will all come into view on the east side.

      In April and May every year, there will be a unique dance of shimmering lights that only exists in mountains and forests at night in Hemei Mountain. The mountain has become a well-known firefly habitat in recent years due to its favorable ecological environment. The Taiwan Nature Science Association holds a firefly ecology tour every year by leading the public into Hemei Mountain to visit the beautiful scenery of flying fireflies. When visiting fireflies, one must remember to follow the following four principles: Do not capture, do not interfere, do not turn on flashlights, and do not leave the trail. Please enjoy the river of fireflies in the mountain quietly.

      The Xindian Ferry on the south side of the Hemei Mountain hiking trail is the last ferry in Bitan. Before the Bitan Suspension Bridge opened, the residents of Xindian River relied on the ferry to travel between the two sides of the river. In its heyday, there were nine ferries. However, the function of the ferry has been gradually replaced as the construction of land transportation methods improved. Today, the ferry from Wantan to Xindian Street, where boatmen carry passengers and shuttle leisurely on the Bitan River, is the only one that remains. After the trip to Hemei Mountain, you can take a human-powered boat, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bitan from the lake, listen to stories of ancient times, and return to Xindian Street through by water.

      After climbing two mountains and crossing Bitan by land or water, it is time to treat yourself. The Xindian Old Street with many traditional snacks and the Bitan shopping district with various exotic cuisines are both popular areas for dining. After a good meal, you can stroll along the river bank, enjoy the gorgeous lights reflected on the river, and enjoy a romantic night.
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