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Visiting Heritage-A Romantic Tour of Shuijinjiu

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Visiting Heritage-A Romantic Tour of Shuijinjiu
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      If you love travelling to places with a historical atmosphere, then you can’t miss the “Visiting Heritage-A Romantic Tour of Shuijinjiu” tour, the only one featuring all relics of the rise and fall of the mining industry in Taiwan. Key sites include Jiufen Old Street, Gold Museum, Shancheng Art Gallery and Yinyang Sea, all of which were once bustling locales that fell into squalor with the fall of the mining industry. However, these sites are all filled with traces of history. Let us embark on a journey through the historical sites described above!


      【Return-Take a bus】
      🔸Step 1: Take the bus route 891 Romantic Jinshui to the “Golden Waterfall Stop.”
      🔸Step 2: Take the bus route 856 Taiwan Trip-Gold Fulong Line from the “Golden Waterfall Stop” to Jiufen Old Street (stay overnight in Jiufen ) or Ruifang Train Station (take the trains for Taipei).
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